Employee Benefits

We help our clients strategically align their employee benefits program with the goals and objectives of the organization and provide plan participants the tools they need to understand and fully appreciate their benefits offerings

Retirement Plans

We deliver strategic advisory services that result in efficient, compliant, and effective retirement plans to meet organizational goals and deliver quality, objective education for employees to achieve financial wellness and independence

Wealth Management

Our goal is to bring high quality financial planning services to employees at all levels in the organization. We employ the same principals in managing individual accounts as we do in managing the assets for large employer sponsored retirement plans

BenefitSynergy Program

BenefitSynergy provides comprehensive benefits management, enrollment, and communication services to our larger employer groups who utilize RBIG consulting services for the entire benefits package. The employer gains access to an integrated benefits administrative system that reduces their administrative burdens and employees gain access to personalized, professional enrollment assistance and decision support during their open enrollment period.

Worksite Financial Planning

Our Workforce Financial Empowerment Program allows employers to offer a program that promotes overall financial wellness within the employee population through a series of advisory services and educational programs. Employers benefit from a more financially healthy employee population and are able provide a new benefit program to employees at no cost. Employees benefit in that all up-front financial planning fees are waived and they receive objective, high-quality financial planning services for themselves and their families.