Retirement Plans

Employer-Level Advisory Services

Plan Design

We help employers align the design of their program with the goals of the organization. Plan design is used to manage employer cost, improve employee participation, and maximize participant asset accumulation


We help our clients navigate retirement plan regulations to maintain a compliant program. This includes a review of testing results and an evaluation of current procedures to determine adherence to the plan document

Investment Option Selection and Monitoring

We utilize a proprietary methodology to evaluate and monitor the plan’s investment performance to maintain a quality fund line-up. This is accomplished through regular investment reviews that analyze each investment option’s performance history, management style, expense ratio, and risk measures, all measured against the appropriate investment industry benchmarks

Vendor Analysis and Benchmarking

This is the process we follow with our clients to make sure their retirement programs offer the most advantageous combination of contract features, investment options, and plan pricing arrangements. After determining with the client the most appropriate stable of administration/record keeping firms to include in our evaluation, we submit the RFP, gather and assess all relevant information and compile a detailed analysis of vendor information/ capabilities. We will then assist the client in selection of finalist vendors and coordinate site visits if appropriate. We will be involved in all aspects of plan implementation once a vendor is chosen

Participant-Level Educational Services

Participant Advisory Services

Our investment counselors will provide the following on-going advisory services to program participants:

  • On-site new employee enrollment assistance and education
  • Regularly scheduled on-site personal consultations with existing and/or new participants and educational seminars on various topics important to your employees
  • Retirement Planning call center for on-going access to the investment counselors responsible for the plan

Retiree Advisory Services

The asset distribution phase is one of the most important and challenging times in the life cycle of an investor. Our firm offers a program that audits the insurance markets for those participants interested in fixed annuities and guaranteed income distribution solutions. We also provide retirement income forecasting models for investors interested in flexible (non-annuity) income arrangements. Asset allocation models are provided for investors entering the distribution phase as well.

Our “NextPhase” program provides a time-segmented distribution strategy that is designed to seek consistent income throughout retirement. Within this strategy, investor’s retirement assets are divided into segments and tagged to provide income over a specific period of time within the retirement distribution phase. This strategy is designed to mitigate the risk associated with the timing of returns achieved while an investor is liquidating their assets in retirement